Longer CPZ hours in part of Highgate

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Camden has announced an extension to the CPZ hours of some streets in Highgate. This follows the consultation that we wrote about last year. Camden set out the results of its consultation and plans “CA-D and CA-U Controlled Parking Zone Reviews” in November.

The Camden documents explain that the “review started 3 months after the changes were introduced by Islington to allow those in CA-D and CA-U to see the effects and respond to the review based on reality rather than what they would perceive to be the issue”. It is clear that the introduction of the 24/7 CPZ in the Islington zone on either side of the southern part of Highgate Hill (explained in more detail in our blog) has pushed parking up the hill, adding to pressure in some streets.

As it explains, the “consultation was undertaken via leaflet and online with residents/ businesses, neighbouring boroughs, local and statutory groups and Ward Councillors”. Now that the change in the hours of control is approved by the council, a statutory laying of traffic orders is being done prior to likely implementation in the next few months.

As the documents on that page explain, we will see the “creation of a subzone CA-U (A) by extending the hours of control on weekdays in the following streets in CA-U …… The Grove, Highgate High Street, Highgate Hill, South Grove, Pond Square, Bisham Gardens, the section of Highgate West Hill from South Grove to Highgate High Street and the section of Swain’s Lane from South Grove to Bisham Gardens”.

Camden says that the proposals in its report are in line with the objectives of the “Camden Transport Strategy”. It says that three of the nine objectives that are most relevant were taken into consideration:

  • Objective 1: Reduce motor traffic levels and vehicle emissions to improve air quality, mitigate climate change and contribute to making Camden a ‘low carbon and low waste borough’.
  • Objective 4: Effectively manage the road network to manage congestion, improve reliability and ensure the efficient movement of goods and people.
  • Objective 8: Ensure that the provision of parking is fair and proportionate by considering the needs of all users, whilst also encouraging sustainable travel choices.

The Forum will be working with Camden on various other issues and opportunities, and with Haringey who said that they’d only look at the CPZ hours in their part of Highgate once Camden had taken its decision. When the CPZ was first introduced over a decade ago the boroughs worked together on timing and we will aim for similar closer working in future.

Forum research has tried to bring some factual background to the parking debate, and was summarised in a blog last year. Issues that Highgate might want to reflect on include the use of its kerb side, what could be done with the area’s single yellows lines and the need for visitor parking bays.

We note that the Camden paper says that “a parking bay occupancy survey will be undertaken 6 months after implementation and a reassignment of kerbside space from permit holder bays to paid for parking spaces will be considered if there is evidence that such an arrangement would meet the needs of the area better”.


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  1. john cooling

    Whilst I may benefit from the extension of the restricted parking hours as I live in CA-U, I think this will accelerate the number of businesses closing on Highgate High Street as customers will be unable to park. It can only cause and further damage to the heart and vibrancy of the village.

  2. Desmond Cass

    This is absolutely ludicrous, further restrictions are totally unnecessary they are not needed, do you realize you are making local peoples lives a misery, its just another way of making money from us & we are sick of it.
    Reduce motor traffic levels, absolute rubbish how? you are just pushing traffic elsewhere.As someone who works & employs local people in the area you are making peoples lives hell & actually forcing us out of business with your parking restrictions..

    • Maggy Meade-King

      Just to avoid confusion – as Desmond uses ‘you’ through his comment – I should point out that this is just a report on Camden’s decision. The Forum has nothing to do with the introduction of CPZs – in fact, parking is not included in the neighbourhood planning legislation.

  3. Henriette Maren

    There is tremendous shortage of meter parking bays. I am happy to pay but they are always taken , often by vans and workmen working around the village or mini cabs. During contolled hours Highgate West Hill, the Grove and South Grove tend to be half empty and could easily be converted, yes, should be converted. With two large schools Highgate is so busy and it is really difficult to find parking. Please press Camden for more non resident bays!!! And perhaps also for NO U-turn on the Highstreet during school drop off hours. That would certainly help reduce congestion. Thank you.

  4. srose

    The effect of this will be to move parking from these roads to those still not covered by longer hours; a real own goal I would say. Why should those some distance from the village have to suffer congestion for the benefit of those who at least live in easy walking distance of shops buses etc?

  5. Socrates

    I am totally against this. Everyone I speak to in Highgate is more than happy with the current 10am – Noon restrictions. This will set a dangerous precedent which will undoubtedly lead to an extension of resricted hours across Highgate. Highgate (especially the Archway Road) groups are working hard to attract more footfall to the area – a move like this will only act as a hindrance.


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