About the HNF

Everyone who lives or works the area covered by the Highgate Neighbourhood Plan is automatically a member of the Forum.

The Localism Act of 2012 allowed for the formation of neighbourhood forums to “further the social, economic and environmental well-being of individuals in a neighbourhood area”.

With hundreds of neighbourhood forums around the country, we’re part of a powerful community-driven movement to put people at the centre of changes and developments in their area.

Our Code of Conduct ensures that we deliver our statutory obligations effectively, and Committee business is conducted in a professional, respectful manner.

We successfully applied for redesignation in 2017.

Read more about neighbourhood forums nationally and in London, or how neighbourhood planning works.

HNF Committee

In 2012, some local residents and elected councillors decided to set up the Forum to create the Highgate Neighbourhood Plan.

The Plan’s ambitions are overseen and supported by the HNF Committee. The Committee is a small, volunteer-led group of 21 members, including councillors who oversee and support the ambitions set out in the Plan.

The Committee prioritises the activities undertaken and ensures that we maximise our impact by collaborating with other groups and organisations.

The HNF Committee meets monthly and elects its members yearly at its annual general meeting, which is held in July. Find out who is on the HNF committee, read our constitution, or see the minutes from previous meetings.

How we work

  • Publicise and promote the work of the Neighbourhood Forum and organise meetings, events and initiatives that support the aims of the Plan
  • Work with Camden and Haringey councils, and  local groups including voluntary bodies, charities, statutory and non-statutory organisations
  • Oversee working groups established to further the implementation of the Plan
  • Help ensure that local planning applications are subject to suitable scrutiny and are meeting the policies in the Plan

Affiliate organisations

We aim is to be as inclusive as possible – across all groups and interests in Highgate. Affiliation allows us to demonstrate that the whole of Highgate is part of the conversation, and is, of course, free and without obligation.

Our affiliates are:

Residents' associations

Bisham Gardens Residents Association
Brookfield Mansions Freehold Ltd
Cholmeley Lodge Residents Ltd
Cromwell Area Residents Association
Fitzroy Park Residents Association
Fordington Road Residents Association
Goldsmiths Court Residents Association
Highgate Residents Association (Highgate Estate)
Highpoint Management Board
Holly Lodge Estate Committee
Kingsley Place and Somerset Gardens Res Assoc
The Miltons Residents Association
Northwood Hall Residents Association
Priory Gardens Residents Association
Pond Square Residents Association
Southwood House Estate Residents Company
Southwood Lane Residents Association
Southwood Park Residents Association
Summersby Road Residents Association
West Hill Park Management Co Ltd
Hillcrest Residents Association
Wembury Area Residents Association

Care homes and supported housing


Formal Notice of AGM

Formal Notice of AGM

HIGHGATE NEIGHBOURHOOD FORUM     Notice of Annual General Meeting  Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of the Highgate Neighbourhood Forum will be held at Jacksons Lane Studio 1 at 6.30 for 7pm on Thursday 26 May 2022 for the following purposes: To...

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