Highgate Neighbourhood Forum

Helping deliver the Highgate Neighbourhood Plan

Highgate Neighbourhood Forum

Helping deliver the Highgate Neighbourhood Plan

We’re the Highgate Neighbourhood Forum

The HNF is a community-led organisation that works to make Highgate a vibrant place to live and work.

Our vision is a Highgate with a strong sense of community that protects its unique character and heritage while embracing fresh ideas and beneficial change.

The Highgate Neighbourhood Plan sets out to address the challenges – some common to all London areas, some unique – that Highgate faces today.

From busy high streets to thriving cultural and amenity societies, we must ensure there is something for everyone, and build on existing provision to meet local needs across all ages.

Everyone who lives in the Plan area is a member of the Forum.

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Local issues

Together with other organisations, we are working to make improvements to Highgate in these areas:

News and Views

Camden’s new Highgate ward

Boundary Commission proposals suggest a single dedicated councillor for Highgate in Camden. Do you support this? Just as population movements require regular revisions to the boundaries of parliamentary constituencies, so too with the boundaries of Council wards. ...

Welcoming visitors to Highgate

Like it or not, Highgate receives thousands of visitors every year. The Forum has been driving the campaign to improve signage to make life easier. One of our most popular visitor destinations is Highgate Cemetery.  Many visitors make the not unreasonable assumption...

Re-imagining the High Street event

Highgate of course has two high streets – the Village High Street and Archway Road – both of which need support in this challenging retail climate. The decline of the High Street makes regular London and national news, with many reports documenting the...

Disruption of 143 Bus

Yesterday saw plenty of people looking confused at bus stops about the non-appearance of the 143. This is just to warn that the bus is scheduled to be re-routed along Archway Road rather than via the village for the rest of the week.The deviation is caused...

Queen’s Wood Tree Walk

Continuing our programme of Walks and Talks on Highgate Trees we had a fascinating ramble in Queen's Wood led by Jeff Duckett, our local expert on trees and, more specifically, the botany of trees. It was that time in April when we had hail in...

Notice of 2019 AGM

The 2019 Highgate Neighbourhood Forum annual general meeting will be held on 7:30pm on 6 June in the Long Gallery of Lauderdale House. As well as reviewing reports, we'll be electing the Committee for the coming year. More information.Anyone who lives or...

Highgate needs YOU

The Forum is made up of people like you who care about making Highgate a better place to live and work. Come join us!

Email us at info@forhighgate.org