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Helping deliver the Highgate Neighbourhood Plan

We’re the Highgate Neighbourhood Forum

The HNF is a community-led organisation that works to make Highgate a vibrant place to live and work.

Our vision is for Highgate to be a vibrant place with a strong sense of community that protects its unique character and heritage while embracing fresh ideas and beneficial change.

The Highgate Neighbourhood Plan sets out to address the challenges – some common to all London areas, some unique – that Highgate faces today.

From busy high streets to thriving cultural and amenity societies, we must ensure there is something for everyone, and build on existing provision to meet local needs across all ages.

Everyone who lives in the Plan area is a member of the Forum.

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Local issues

Together with other organisations, we are working to make improvements to Highgate in these areas:

News and Views

Tree talk: The Biology of Local Trees, by Professor Jeff Duckett

Professor Jeff Duckett will present an overview of the long history and biology of London’s trees and look to their future in the context of climate change. 2.00 pm Saturday 9 February at 10A South Grove by kind invitation of the Highgate Society....

January 2019 newsletter

Happy New Year everyone! Longer CPZ hours on Camden side of Highgate Camden has announced the extension of CPZ hours on some streets in Highgate. Find out more and tell us what you think here. The Forum will now be working with Haringey, who have said...

Longer CPZ hours in part of Highgate

Camden has announced an extension to the CPZ hours of some streets in Highgate. This follows the consultation that we wrote about last year. Camden set out the results of its consultation and plans “CA-D and CA-U Controlled Parking Zone Reviews” in November. The...

Forum planning policy

Planning – how we make Highgate a vibrant place, protecting its unique character and heritage while encouraging beneficial change - is at the heart of what the Forum is about. The Forum was established six years ago specifically to draw up a Neighbourhood...

Neighbourhood Planners London

We are fortunate in Highgate to be surrounded by other Neighbourhood Forums – in Crouch End, Dartmouth Park, Kentish Town and Hampstead – all working to make positive change in their local area and working together around issues such as getting better...

Highgate Tree Group

Climate change and pollution have certainly changed things in Highgate and not always for the worse. Did you know that with less soot and more nitrogen in the air, we now have far more lichens and mosses on our trees and that the warmer winters...

Highgate needs YOU

The Forum is made up of people like you who care about making Highgate a better place to live and work. Come join us!

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