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Helping deliver the Highgate Neighbourhood Plan

We’re the Highgate Neighbourhood Forum

The HNF is a community-led organisation that works to make Highgate a vibrant place to live and work.

Our vision is for Highgate to be a vibrant place with a strong sense of community that protects its unique character and heritage while embracing fresh ideas and beneficial change.

The Highgate Neighbourhood Plan sets out to address the challenges – some common to all London areas, some unique – that Highgate faces today.

From busy high streets to thriving cultural and amenity societies, we must ensure there is something for everyone, and build on existing provision to meet local needs across all ages.

Everyone who lives in the Plan area is a member of the Forum.

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Local issues

Together with other organisations, we are working to make improvements to Highgate in these areas:

News and Views

November 2018 newsletter – your help needed

Hello everyone - there's lots going on this month, so please read on! Camden CIL consultation As many of you will know, now we have a Neighbourhood Plan in Highgate, 25% of Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) monies collected from developers by the councils must be...

What’s the point of single yellow lines?

Single yellow lines make little sense to us given the pressure on parking in Highgate. Either the spaces should be for parking or not? If they are for parking, they should be round the clock – and the community should decide whether they are...

Tell us how new bus routes would help you

We listened to what you had to say about new bus routes to connect Highgate to its neighbours to the east and west and have come up with a new route (see map above). Do let us know what you think about it in the comment box below. We would also like to hear your ideas...


“Highgate's quite nice apart from the rubbish isn't it?” Comment from an overseas tourist “I walked through Basildon the other day and Oh My God, I couldn't believe it, it was cleaner than Highgate!” Comment from a resident “I'm visually impaired and it...

Highgate needs YOU

The Forum is made up of people like you who care about making Highgate a better place to live and work. Come join us!

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