Haringey’s Climate Change Action Plan

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Haringey Climate Forum is a coalition of community groups interested in local action on climate change. Its website is at: https://haringeyclimateforum.org. To join the mailing list contact: info@haringeyclimateforum.org.

Imagine electric cars, state of the art buses and cyclists moving fluidly and quietly along Green Lanes and Muswell Hill Broadway. People walking and cycling to work in Tottenham’s thriving green business sector. The view from Alexandra Palace glistening with solar panels crowning the rooftops, producing clean electricity. Our homes are warm and cosy in winter and our energy bills are lower.

We can all work together from 2020 to recover from the Covid catastrophe, whilst moving people from unemployment and poverty to the quality jobs that tackle climate breakdown and ecological harm.

Let’s start together, today.


In March 2019, Haringey Council officially recognised the environmental crisis the world faces, declaring a Climate Emergency. In response, it published its draft Haringey Climate Change Action Plan for the borough to become net zero carbon by 2041. This is a big task, and research shows the Council will need to do it all to reach its target. This will include changing our travel habits, generating green energy and retrofitting our buildings (i.e. to upgrade our buildings by making them more energy efficient). The action plan shows that Haringey cannot do this alone as a Council, and need residents and businesses to help us. It wants to find out from you what areas are the most crucial to reduce our emissions.

Have Your Say on the Climate Change Action Plan

To view the council’s consultation go to: https://haringeyclimatechangeactionplan.commonplace.is If you hit the button  ‘Have You Say’ there are 11 different subjects where you can read a summary and fill in a short questionnaire.  Alternatively go to ‘Learn More About the Net Zero Action Plan’ to go further into the detail of the Climate Change Action Plan.

For more information contact Norman Beddington on normanbeddington@google.com


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