The Highgate Neighbourhood Forum launches the Highgate Guide to Volunteering

by | May 3, 2022 | News, Social & Community | 0 comments

Households in Highgate will soon be receiving their copies of the newly published Highgate Guide to Volunteering. Distributed to 9,000 letter boxes in N6, the guide lists as many as 125 different opportunities for volunteering offered by 21 local voluntary organisations.

Developed by the Forum, the initiative responds to the increasing difficulty faced by many local voluntary organisations in recruiting volunteers in sufficient numbers.

Horticulture, web design, digital marketing and archiving are just some of the 40 activities featured in the guide. Others involve helping children play music and providing friendship and support for the elderly.

Whilst many volunteers are motivated to help fellow citizens or to preserve our heritage, the guide reminds us of the many benefits volunteering offers: the chance to get out, to meet people and to strike up new friendships; regular physical activity and fresh air; the opportunity to brush up useful skills or acquire new ones.

When your guide falls through the letter box do check out the activities that might be best for you – or indeed for a friend or family member who would benefit from getting out of the house on a regular basis. Contact details are provided for each organisation.



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