Update on proposed changes to Highgate’s bus services

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March 2022 update

TfL have responded to consultation below with revised proposals. These still include the withdrawal of the 271 service and the rerouting of the 263 through Highgate Village but now keeps the 143 route as it currently runs + extends the 234 from Highgate Wood to Archway via Archway Road. Here is an analysis for what this means for Highgate residents:

Services between


Effect of proposals
 Highgate Village, Highgate Hill and:
  Archway No change
  Finsbury Park No change
  Golders Green, Brent Cross No change
  Beyond Archway until Highbury No change
  Beyond Highbury until Moorgate Now change at Highbury
 Highgate Hill, Highgate Village, North Hill and:
  East Finchley Twice the frequency
  Beyond East Finchley to Brent Cross Now change at East Finchley
  Beyond East Finchley until Barnet New direct service
 North Hill and:
  Archway Twice the frequency
  Beyond Archway until Highbury New direct service
 Archway Road and:
  Beyond Archway until Highbury Half the frequency
  East Finchley No change
  Beyond East Finchley to Barnet Now change at East Finchley
  Beyond East Finchley to Fortis Green New direct service


The following were their original proposals in December 2021:

TfL are proposing to merge route 271 with routes 21 and 263 to provide a new structure for the local bus network. The 263 would be re-routed via Highgate Village and the 21 would re-routed to run between Holloway and Lewisham. The day service on route 271 would no longer run, enabling removal of the bus stand on South Grove in Highgate Village. The 143 would be re-routed via Archway Road in place of route 263. New school route 620 would run between Archway Station and Bishop Douglass School, and new night route N271 would run between Moorgate, Finsbury Square and North Finchley. Their proposals aim to provide a frequency of bus service that better matches passenger numbers and simplifies the bus network while retaining key direct links for passengers.

For further information and additional maps on our proposed changes, or to let TfL know your views visit: https://haveyoursay.tfl.gov.uk/routes-21-143-263-271 Alternatively, email at haveyoursay@tfl.gov.uk, or write to FREEPOST TFL HAVE YOUR SAY To have your say contact them by 9 January 2022.



  1. John MacBryde

    If TFL actually remove the ugly former trolleybus turning circle it surely is incumbent on them to improve the street scene by eg creating a pedestrian priority area with decent paving etc. I have done a sketch for them to consider but they will probably say they have no money.

  2. Margaret Driver

    With the new proposals , how will I get from roads South of the Archway road to East Finchley if neither the 263 nor the 143 (in TFL’s new proposals) will now go that way ?

    I am very elderly and am I expected to take a bus in the wrong direction to Archway to pick up the 263 and 143 or do I have to walk 20 minutes to Highgate Hill to find them. I soon may not be capable of doing the latter.


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