During the Highgate Festival in June, more than 50 people came together to hear talks and run workshops designed to generate ideas about how we as a community can respond to the climate crisis. These are the ideas:



  • Make Pond Square more attractive to linger in as a social space
  • Trishaws for hire via app (in 271 space)
  • Demand response bus app (in TfL’s interests as customers there)
  • Electric scooters and bikes
  • Shame people out of their cars with live pollution readings + ‘idling is illegal’
  • More traffic calming + smiley face for doing right thing
  • Closing roads around schools at drop off/pick up
  • More bike hangers and parking
  • Wider pavements where possible
  • New traffic system that gives priority to pedestrians and cyclists
  • CPZs to forbid parking around schools

Plastic  (Plastic Free Village?!)

  • Keepy cups + money off
  • Jiffy bags re-use bin in post office
  • Recycling perpetuates plastics industry
  • Leave unnecessary packaging at till
  • Ask shops to stop supplying plastic bags
  • Haringey/Camden incinerations
  • Local recycling information and centres = app?
  • Bags made from sheets
  • Schools and nurseries
  • Beeswax paper and bring own
  • Use businesses/start-ups offering alternatives, eg nappies, sanitary goods
  • Demand less packaging
  • Self-refill aisles and pick’n’mix frozen goods from major supermarkets


  • Grow in tree pits
  • Pocket gardens in plastic bottles
  • Map fruit trees and app for harvest
  • Veolia – when does contract run out?
  • Green-up estates
  • Change mowing regime – “Say No to Mow”
  • Chickens etc
  • Postcode Gardener – £8 /320 hours – green front gardens of a whole street
  • Jacksons Lane – street of fruit trees

Food waste

  • Understand the waste streams/systems – ‘know what you are doing as part of the stream’
  • Learn what to do with food waste
  • Use grey water in the home – toilets, watering plants
  • Cooking – slow cooking, one roast system = fill oven when on
  • Kettles – only fill for need


  • Domestic solar panels – use FB
  • Changing conservation rules on solar etc
  • Public buildings maximising power generation (vs minimum)

Other thoughts

  • Old crafts on High Street – mending, fixing, tailoring, recycling
  • Fashion Diet
  • People’s Fridge

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