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by | Nov 22, 2018 | CIL, Open Spaces, Plan | 1 comment

The good news is that Haringey Council has given us the go-ahead to develop two of our priority CIL projects – improvements to the BMX track next to Highgate Library and the creation of a nature-inspired play area at the Highgate end of the Parkland Walk. The next step is to start the important engagement process that gets all interested parties involved so we can develop ideas for the projects and get going!

The Hillcrest playground project has been delayed as it will now form part of the on-going redevelopment of the estate by Haringey but we are working to ensure that this important community benefit is delivered as part of any future vision and that the community are involved in the process.

We will be contacting local organisations and friends groups but we are also looking for input from kids who use the BMX track and local parents and grandparents with children in the area. And we need champions who are going to help deliver these projects for the community. So please contact us at


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  1. Helen

    I support the sensitive development, whilst maintaining the mature trees and woodland, of the area beside the library. Something that would benefit older kids (there are plenty of playgrounds for younger kids around Highgate) e.g. a skateboard/ scooter ramp alongside a wooden play area/ adventure trail and would discourage the fly tipping, litter- dropping and anti-social behaviour that currently takes place.


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