2021 update on CIL spending

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The Covid Pandemic has had an impact on Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) spending in both Haringey and Camden and will do so for some time to come.

In Haringey, they have decided to postpone consulting on Round 2 Neighbourhood CIL projects until 2022. This is partly to enable funds for each area to replenish and also to allow them to focus on the New Local Plan. HNF will call for new projects later in this year when we will also have a better idea of the funds in the pot.

Meanwhile, the projects funded last year in Round 1 have been delayed by Covid but are now back on track. The Multi-use Active Outdoor Zone (between Highgate Station and the Library) and the Parkland Walk Natural Playground now have site specs and construction reports and are awaiting contamination, topographical, ecological and tree surveys. The Street Tree Replacement project has been further delayed by staff shortages in Haringey Parks but will eventually be fulfilled later this year.

In Camden, there is currently £64,409 in the Highgate NCIL pot and Councillors welcome new bids, but Councillors inform us that priority will be given Covid emergency response projects. Bids should be made to one of our local Councillors: anna.wright@camden.gov.uk, Sian.Berry@camden.gov.uk or oliver.lewis@camden.gov.uk. You can find an application form and the criteria framework in the Camden section of our CIL page. Their priorities continue to be Community and Green Spaces, with an emphasis on addressing inequalities across the ward. Modest sized proposals (around £2,000 to £10,000) are more likely to be possible.

A small CIL grant has been allocated to a consultation project on the renovation of Pond Square. The Pond Square Community Working Group (led by HNF Chair Alicia Pivaro and with the support of Camden officials) has called for proposals from a number of experienced consultants – more news soon!

And finally, the new CIL-funded signposts on the Camden side of our area should at last be in place shortly.



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