Visit Highgate info boards

by | Feb 20, 2020 | CIL, Development & Heritage, Economic activity | 0 comments

During your next visit to a historic centre it would be very surprising if you were not greeted by information boards directing you to local points of interest and enriching your understand what it is you are seeing.  That is unless you take your next holiday in Highgate.  Whether you arrive by tube, by bus or by car you can be forgiven for not even realising that you have arrived in Highgate, much less be alerted to the peerless wealth and variety of the village’s historical and literary associations.

Change is long overdue.  The good news is that during the summer we are anticipating that visitors will be greeted by three and possibly six interpretation boards along South Grove, North Road and North Hill.  Of various sizes but of a consistent design these are part of an initiative by “Visit Highgate” to persuade more visitors to London to venture beyond the Circle Line and experience the delights of a historic English village.

Why attract more visitors to Highgate you may ask?  One reason is that external recognition of Highgate’s heritage will raise the appreciation of their local heritage of both residents.  We also hope that a larger flow of visitors will help to sustain the shops, pubs and eateries on which we rely for our sense of community.



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