New Winchester Tavern planning application

by | Mar 31, 2016 | Development & Heritage | 3 comments

The developer has submitted a new planning application under HGY/2016/0789

As with the previous application, which was rejected, this will only serve to reduce the pub trading space to an inoperable level, dooming it to fail and ensuring the developers get to convert the whole space into flats, which is clearly their entire aim. We are desperately in need of a pub in this area, we are certainly not desperate for more flats.

So please register your formal objection once more (this is a new application, so your previous objections aren’t counted) on the Haringey’s online planning services page.



  1. Sharon Ryan

    Please do not grant this planning application. The Winchester Arms Public House is a vital amenity within our community, one we have used by our families for over 50 years. It is also wonderful building and has many beautiful features and designs, which will be removed if this application is approved!!

    • Christopher

      Hi Sharon,

      The HNF is just disseminating the information to the community. You need to make a formal objection on Haringey Council’s website by clicking on the link provided.

  2. Paula collins

    Save the Winchester my friends and family have been coming here for years. 3 local pubs have been shut and housing put in its place which ruins social side of life. Please help