Highgate Houseparty!

by | Apr 2, 2020 | News, Social & Community | 0 comments

The last two weeks have been highly unusual, and we wanted to celebrate all the fantastic volunteering efforts that are happening in Highgate in light of the Covid19 epidemic.  We contacted Boogaloo Radio Station and asked if they would host a “Lockdown Party” and their response was overwhelmingly positive. On Friday they are putting on the first #HighgateHouseparty show, where we will hear from local businesses and volunteers, and of course listen to some great music at the end of the second week of almost all of us working from home.

They are bringing the pub to us, we just have to turn on the radio.

Boogaloo Radio is local at heart – a station based and built in a pub that wants to share their community spirit at this crucial time with everyone.

Tune in this Friday from 5pm via Alexa, Google Home, Online at https://theboogaloo.co.uk/boogaloo-radio/ or the free app available on ios devices.


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