Does aircraft noise bother you?

by | Mar 18, 2020 | Plan | 1 comment

It’s possibly odd to be noting this when flight numbers are being cut but the planes and their noise will be back in due course! The ‘North London Aircraft Noise Campaign’ has been formed and will be researching the scale of the issue and campaigning – with other groups – for changes at Heathrow.

Highgate sits on the south west edge of the A-27 NW path for flight arrivals at LHR (see the image). The noise can be disruptive in summer to those who have open windows and gardens that face in certain directions. If you want to know more or help out: reach out to them on Twitter – or feel free to comment on this blog or email Read about the group’s launch in the Ham&High.


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  1. Roberta Ronsivalle-Pearce

    Yes it does bother me! When we moved here, almost two years ago, from Saint Margaret in Twickenham (we left for the noice there due to its proximity to Heathrow). When we moved the noice from the aircrafts was much less in Highgate and it made a big difference. Recently it seems to have increased a lot. Could you explain why? we bought an house here a 10 months ago and we are very worried.


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