Build Back Better Highgate

The coronavirus pandemic has undoubtedly been a threat to many, particularly the poorest and most disadvantaged in our society, and the Black Lives Matter movement has drawn attention to the inequality and waste of talent that we have lived with for many years.

Many prominent thinkers today are suggesting that prosperity can mean more than just economic growth. We would all agree that health, self-fulfilment and friendship are important to people in Highgate. There is also a growing understanding of the importance of a fair society and of measures we can take to avert climate breakdown and protect our life support systems.

Launching Build Back Better Highgate

In 2019, the Highgate Festival hosted a rich set of discussions about ways to make Highgate an Eco village. Although the world has changed dramatically since then, the output and suggestions from 2019 form a good basis for moving to strong actions in 2020. Read the 2019 Highgate Festival Eco Action Plan Items.

During Highgate Festival 2020, we launched the Build Back Better Highgate campaign. Speakers discussed the social, economic and environmental foundations of Build Back Better, and sought to inspire the people of Highgate to get involved.

Highgate groups that work for a better world

Highgate has a vibrant set of community groups, all of which are looking for new members, new volunteers or even new leadership.

Joining one of these groups can benefit individuals in terms of ‘doing their bit’, comradeship and even strengthening CVs. The Highgate Neighbourhood Forum is preparing a scheme to match volunteers with opportunities around Highgate.

If you have time and skills to offer and are ready to work with like-minded people check out Highgate groups that are working in these areas and step forward!

Other ways to make a difference

As well as working with others in Highgate on the strands of Build Back Better, there are many ways of reducing your personal carbon footprint and reducing pollution in Highgate:

Actions you can take

  1. Switch to a zero-carbon electricity (and gas) supplier.
  2. Use electricity efficiently – LEDS use 10% of electricity.
  3. Insulate your home – build this into every improvement.
  4. Install solar PV (electricity) or thermal (hot water) if practical.
  5. Avoid petrol and diesel journeys – walk, cycle, public transport, ebike or electric vehicle.
  6. Charge electric vehicles/scooters/motor bikes etc from zero-carbon electricity at plentiful times and sell back to the grid at high demand times.
  7. Cut down on meat.
  8. Buy local food.
  9. Reduce flying to once a year – or never.
  10. Join national campaigning groups, such as Extinction Rebellion, Black Lives Matter.
  11. Write your MP to express your views.

Cartoon by Graeme MacKay

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