Census data about Highgate and its surrounds

Remember the 10-yearly population census from spring 2011? Well, it’s conducted by the ONS and the results are now mostly published.

We were lucky enough (with help from Camden) to retrieve some very specific data from it for the HNF area. You can find it here: Census data from Camden – Forum Profile

It contains all sort of little nuggets to, in equal measure, shed light on our area and bore your friends to death.

In broad terms we are:

  • older than average,
  • more likely to be married,
  • living as couples,
  • mostly white,
  • few single-parent families (but in employment where they exist),
  • a greater proportion is British and speak English,
  • have passports,
  • not that religious,
  • relatively healthy,
  • wide range of accommodation types,
  • owner occupiers,
  • little social housing,
  • small households in larger properties,
  • car owners (except those on Archway Road),
  • not many children,
  • well qualified,
  • in work with a greater proportion self-employed,
  • working long hours,
  • not many students,
  • low unemployment, and
  • high numbers in retirement.

But there are also big differences within the Highgate Neighbourhood Forum area for some of these variables.

There are other formats of data that derived from the census. The links below are to some maps that have been produced by an academic at Liverpool University for all local authorities (LA). It’s not a very user friendly set of tables. It is a set of pdfs for each LA so there is no one map for the whole HNF area – and you have to scroll through the pdfs to find the variable that might be of interest. But it’s fun to browse – and shows our area as being different from many others around the other parts of Haringey and Camden.


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